Friday, March 25, 2016

Excel Formula double lookup, match heading & sub heading and lookup data from main table


I have a data structure like heading & subheading. Each heading has four subheadings, I want to lookup a data by matching heading & then subheadings, refer data below:

Data is like below:

I want output in below format:


First we need to match heading & get location of heading & after that we can create specific range related to heading for searching & apply Hlookup formula in that ramge to get result.

Formula 1 : =HLOOKUP(B$7,OFFSET($A$1,2,MATCH($A8,$A$1:$AB$1,0)-1,2,4),2,0)

Formula 2: =INDEX($A$1:$AB$4,4,MATCH($A8,$A$1:$AB$1,0))

Formula 1 is though complecated but gives result in case of there is jumble or interchange in sub headings.

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