Saturday, August 15, 2015

Excel VBA Macro to assign payment received to Invoices using FIFO method


Today i am sharing this fantastic template for assigning payment received to Invoices using FIFO method.

If you are not using any ERP or Accounting package then it is nightmare for accountant to manually assign payment received one by one to invoice, also there is risk of assigning payment twice or missing payments..

Just fill data in template & click on Image to run macro..

Download file by clicking this.



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  1. The attached worksheet is Great.Can you kindly modify to calculate weighted average payment days for each invoice ? e.g. if an invoice issued on 1st jan is fully cleared on 31st jan so total days will be 31, but if customer makes partial payments e.g. 50% payment on 15th jan and 50% on 31 jan, than weighted average days will be 23 days approx.

    I would be really grateful if you can modify this code and include this aspect also. Best regards