Friday, July 17, 2015

Employee Roster / Shift allocation template


Preparing employee roster or allocation of shift times is very time consuming & requires accuracy so as to avoid any emergencies.

In this template you need to fill data in Main sheet in front of each employee & press Run All button & all shifts will be marked in respective sheets against each employees.

For changing shift allocated time, just change shift time in main sheet & same will be replicated in respective day sheet automatically.

Column R is for entering maximum time an employee is allowed to work, enter hrs manually in column R, column S will calculate total Hours allocated & balance hours in column T.

To Reset all data in all sheets, Just press Rest All Data button.

When you click on name of Day in column 4 you will be taken to that day sheet directly & from day sheet click on Main in Cell Q1 to come back to Main sheet..

Cheers & waiting for feedback for improvements..


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