Sunday, June 14, 2015

Excel Macro - Sheet Manager

Hi Excel champs,

Today i want o share with you a powerful macro for those who are dealing with lots of sheets in single book & wish to hide unhide sheet very frequently..

This macro has module wherein on loading this you will get 2 listboxes, listbox1 will show all visible sheets & listbox2 will show all hidden sheets..

If you want to hide any sheets from those visible ones, juts select sheet name one by one from left listbox & click on 1st button (>) in center..

If you want to unhide any sheets from those hidden ones, juts select sheet name one by one from right listbox & click on 2nd button (<) in center..

On contrary if you want to hide all visible sheets then click 3rd button (>>>) in center & if you want to unhide all hidden sheets then click 4th button (<<<).

And if you have loads of sheet then above all list box there is one textbox to filter sheets, just type name of sheet & data will get filtered & select sheet name & push it to opposite side.

Please note you can not hide all sheet so i have kept sheet named "Main" out of reach of code which will be by default visible..

Also you can double click on name of item appearing listbox to move that on opposite side & after that click button Hide / Unhide to give impact..

You can also use shortcut key Ctr + Shft + W to load Sheet Manager macro.

Let me know if you liked it or not.

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